Letter To Church

The Ferguson's Letter to the Church

Margo and I would like to personally thank everyone here for your love & support,
This is indeed the most difficult time we have ever faced, and hope nothing like this
ever come close to us again. If you have children- giv-em a special HUG, in Brandons memory please.

The support of this church to us and our families that are now with us, has been overwhelming and an example of true Christian love. Love unselfish, unconditional,… you have shared this love with people that you had never before met.

Pastor Johnson, this spirit, is your true spirit, and it has filtered down thru the members of Christian life congregation. Margo & I thank every member of this church for your prayers, hugs, cards, Kind deeds have been done, food delivered, in some cases- we don’t even know the sender, But everything is so appreciated. The last month has been extremely exhausting physically for us, and we appreciate the last few day of privacy you have given us with our immedaitle families that have come.

To the companies Margo, Brandon and I work for, your compassion and understanding
And our fellow employees, whom we also consider friends, we know your have help share the load in our asbsences and have helped in many ways we may never know.

To our families… so of you we see more often than others, but it means so much that each of you have sacrificed your holiday tiem to travel to be with us. GOD has a special bond within families,,, it now shines, and were glad you’re here.